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The JT15D turbofan engine family is P&WC’s first turbofan engine and continues to enjoy strong success today as new models are introduced embodying the latest technologies. The JT15D powers a wide range of business aviation and government applications since being introduced in the 1970s. The JT15D family is comprised of 3 engine series and 17 models, ranging from 2,200 to 3,400 pounds thrust, with the more than 6,600 engines produced having accumulated more than 41 million hours of flight time. The continued success of the JT15D stems from its impressive levels of reliability and durability, with overhaul intervals having reached higher than 10,000 hours. A strong testimonial to the JT15D’s dependability and durability is its stellar performance powering light to mid-size business jets in the private and business jet market place.

We sell serviceable, highly maintained, JT15D's.

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