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Model Serial Number TSO CSO TSN Price
JT15D-4 PCE70084 140:45
140 4878:40 $360K
Under Offer
JT15D-4 PCE70002 403:50 225 10656:25 $350K
JT15D-4 PCE70051 613:15
375 9112:50 $345K
JT15D-4 PCE70038 1165:10
788 12575:10 $285K
JT15D-4 PCE70088 1300:00 886 13835:10 $275K
JT15D-4 PCE70039 1389:05
817 8839:20 $265K

   All engines with on condition HPT Blades. Email for last shop visits and logs.
   Above engines available for sale outright or on exchange.

   Call or email for full specifications & exchange pricing!
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